Now your kids can follow a skin treatment regime that’s totally tailored to their needs

December 16, 2021

Now your kids can follow a skin treatment regime that’s totally tailored to their needs

There’s no period in life quite as action-packed as our tween years. The to-do-list from years 8 to 14 is an extensive, often erratic and unpredictable, one.

Considered too old to be a ‘kid’ yet too young to be a teen, tweens have to cope with the constant chores of growing pains while also taking on new challenges such as socialising and studying in an ever-changing climate.

And that’s not all. On top of these challenges, tweens are constantly questioning their responsibilities: thinking they’re too old to do kids’ stuff yet not quite dedicated to playing the young adult part.

Amid this stress is the sudden appearance of skin problems, but luckily there’s a brand now totally dedicated to the tween market – a gentle kind of skincare targeted to the 8+ audience.

In B Tween Skincare was created to provide a no-fuss skincare range that encourages healthier skin habits in children aged 8 to 14. While there are plenty of toddler and baby-targeted products around, there’s been a definite lack of attention paid to kids at kindy and primary school levels.

Confidence is key in these environments, and In B Tween’s philosophy is a simple one: if their skin is healthy and radiant on the outside, it helps with confidence on the inside.

Products in the brand’s extensive range include a B Clean Face Wash that can be used twice a day; B Protected Zinc Moisturiser for outdoor play; B Fresh Deodorant with citron scent to freshen up after all that play; and even a B Clear Face Mask for fully rounded skin treatment.

In B Tween even offers accessories like cleansing clothes and the B Nifty Skin Tool available in fuchsia, lilac or magenta.

Start your kids off on the right path to healthy skin with our B Essentials for Kids.  It includes four essential products for face, hair and body in full sizes. 

Products are available as standalone or in nifty packs, such as the B Essentials For Kids pack which includes B Clean Face, Hair, Body Wash (125ml), B Protected Zinc Moisturiser (125ml), B Fresh Deodorant Citron (75ml) and B Soft Lip Balm, all for just $65.00.

The InBtween B Essentials Kit, RRP $65.00.

Created by a professional skin therapist with over 20 years industry experience who has dealt with clients trying to correct skin damage, In B Tween focuses on the preventative, believing it’s better to encourage healthy skin habits in both boys and girls from a young age, so that it becomes as natural as brushing your teeth.

The benefits of an early start are reaped when puberty hits and it becomes so important for skin to be looked after properly as it often affected by hormonal concerns like acne.

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Lisa Andrews


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